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Are you seeking clarity?


 Do you have questions about business, health, relationships or money?

 Experience the amazing process of Intuitive Drawing for answers and insights!

Connect with your Higher Self and Infinite Wisdom to get the answers to your most pressing questions.

Patty is a Certified Intuitive Artist™.  She has completed rigorous training and development to help you channel information from your highest self and also Infinite Source.  Her practice is grounded in Continuum Movement as a method of communication with the Field of Fluid Intelligence.  Intuitive Drawing translates that information into visual form that can be analyzed and acted upon.

Contact Patty to schedule your personal Intuitive Drawing session via phone or Skype.  During this session, we will dive deep into your questions.  You will receive a drawing, done just for you and also an in-depth session to decode the meaning of the drawing and create action steps based on the information received.

After completion of the drawing and development of the action steps, you also receive a 30 minute bonus follow-up call to help you implement your plans.

Set up a preliminary, FREE Break-Through session to formulate your questions for the Intuitive Drawing sessions:

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Your Intuitive Drawing™ Reading includes the following:

    • Initial conference and question formulation
    • Drawing – transmitted via email
    • Decoding and analysis session with action step development
    • Implementation follow-up session

    Choose a 3 session package and save big!

    Intuitive Drawing Reading