About Patty Adamik

It's Your Time to start thriving...........

Hi.  I’m Patty Adamik and I am passionate about helping you live a fulfilling life by doing what you love.

As a woman over 50 (what I like to describe as a Maturista (see definition below), I have claimed my power as  a Wildly Thriving Wise Woman!

Maturista:  A woman who has reached maturity and is entering into a period of extraordinary vitality, creativity and self-expression.  One who uses her knowledge, intuition and life experiences for the betterment of herself 1ST and then others.

Over the years, I have been deeply involved in and practiced creative and healing movement arts including massage, Zen Bodytherapy®, Continuum Movement®, Intuitive Art™, Qigong, meditation and many more.

My initial interest arose from a love of dance and movement but turned into a search for how to live from a place of infinite abundance and joy.  When I am ‘in the flow’ of life, magic happens.  It’s such a wonderful way to live, that I want that for you too!

My awakening happened when I realized the source of healing and wisdom was within me.  Prior to that, I was using my intellect and other people’s theories of what was right.  When I finally could see myself from a place of openness and potential, I  had the clarity of purpose I needed.

I was able to transform physical sensations into ‘information’ that let me know when I was on the right track to living from the best “me”.  I also started treating my body like a wonderful complex living system, instead of a cranky machine.

As an avid gardener and outdoor enthusiast, I appreciate and work with our connection to Mother Nature.

By respecting the processes inherent to our biological heritage, we gain access to a deep resource for healing body, mind and spirit.

I am so grateful to be enjoying a life of abundance and joy.

I want that for you too.

My trainings and licenses include:

Advanced Zentherapy® Practitioner
Vodder Method Lymphatic Therapist
Texas Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor
Certified Intuitive Artist™
Authorized Continuum Movement® Teacher


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